Teaching Writing Effectively

Do you want to have the skills to teach any kind of writing class?

Do you want to equip your students with the secrets of successful writers?


Certificate provided upon completion of course

What makes this course unique?

My course will give you a complete understanding of how to break down the process of writing to better equip your students with strategies for success.

You will learn how to teach students transferrable skills that are can be used with any group of students, of any level. This course develops your awareness of these skills and then provides you with practical solutions that you can adapt for your learners.

Only the most applicable and relevant information is here for developing writing skills. I’ve condensed everything from my previous input sessions, teacher trainings, workshops, Delta studies, and research to provide you with only the most important points.

With 4 hours of live webinars, you’ll have plenty of time to ask me questions and discuss important concepts with your peers

Loaded with additional content for self-study, articles to read, and resources to experiment with in your own classroom.

2 weeks with 4 hours of live webinars, a maximum of 8 participants, and 16 hours of self study material

Topics include:


of successful writers


analysis and awareness


and product approaches integrated

About me

I am a Delta certified Canadian teacher trainer whose passion is learning how to learn.

My experience as a Cambridge CELTA main course tutor and ICELT tutor has shown me how to help teachers overcome the most challenging aspects of the classroom.

I have worked with Oxford University Press as a teacher trainer and have nearly 10 years of experience in the classroom.

I can't understand how anyone can write without rewriting everything over and over again.

— Lev Tolstoy

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