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Online Resources for Self-Study

I want to study English but I don’t know where to find any good online resources!

Don’t worry, I have a list of the best free websites for any kind of self-study.


Listening Resources

Elllo — Authentic discussions with accents from all over the world. Has comprehension and vocabulary exercises as well.
TED —  Talks under 20 minutes on Technology, Education, Design, and more. Also check out TedEd for lessons.
British Library — A database full of accents, dialects, and voices from all over Britain.
British Council — Various activities and podcasts at different levels to practice your listening skills.
Breaking News English — The latest news in different levels with language exercises. Download the pdf and then listen to the audio recording.
Voice of America — News from the USA government. Click on “Listen” or “Watch” at the top right.
English Listening — A database of listening exercises for $5 per month.
Rachel’s English — Great videos full of listening strategies to help you understand native speaker accents.


Reading Resources

Read Theory — Take the pretest and then register for free for reading passages that adapt to your level.
University of Victoria Study Zone — Choose your level first and there are reading exercises on a variety of topics.
ESL Lounge — Reading comprehension and exercises at different levels (on the left side you can see Elementary to Advanced levels)
Exam English — Reading exercises based on Cambridge exams. Click “all practice tests at this level” for exercises that fit your level.
Cambridge Games — Flash-based internet activities for all levels
Read Listen Learn — Reading comprehension with an audio script to help you understand pronunciation.
Gutenberg — A database of free eBooks to download.
Feedly — Download the app onto your phone and then subscribe to all your favourite news websites by adding their news feeds. Search for English versions of local newspapers in your country to better understand the context.


Vocabulary Resources

Lexical Tutor — Create quizzes for yourself out of paragraphs from articles or other texts. Just paste it and choose which wordlist you want to learn from. First, read the instructions on how to use the Lexical Tutor.
Memrise — A vocabulary quiz based on the science of memory retention to adapt to your ability to remember words memory. Easy to make your own as well
Duolingo — Translation-based language learning
Longman Online Dictionary — Look up new words with an English dictionary to learn from example sentences & synonyms.
Corpus of Contemporary American English — A database of sentences to help understand which words go together (collocations).
Thesaurus — To understand synonyms. Also check out word concept maps.
Vocabulary.com — Copy and paste a text to learn the words from it.
Fraze.it — Search a word and the type of sentence you want to use it in to see examples


Grammar Resources

Oxford Grammar Diagnostic Test — Understand your strengths and weaknesses with English grammar so you know exactly what to study.
University of Victoria Study Zone — Choose the grammar topic, read the rules, and then continue with the exercises.
English Grammar Online for U — Grammar exercises with rules.
ESL Games World — Games for all levels to practice grammar in a fun way.
Englisch Hilfen — Help with English. More grammar exercises at all levels.
BBC 6 minute Grammar — Great for quick grammar reviews on the go.


Have you got any good online resources that weren’t listed above? Share them with us in the comments below!

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