Making online lessons engaging

Level up your online teaching so learners keep coming back for more!

This course is for you no matter how much experience you have: it will cover both fundamental and advanced techniques.


Certificate provided upon completion of course

What makes this course unique?

This course takes online teaching to the next level — you will participate in a live webinar as I walk you through the tricks and techniques that will help to keep lessons fresh.

Then you will have access to my video lessons where I show you how I organized my materials for online lessons over the past 5 years so that I can respond to student needs immediately.

Finally, you will join our community of online teachers to participate in monthly conferences where we share our latest tips and techniques

This course is for you if

Topics include:


The basics of using online tools and platforms, including Zoom, Google Classroom and more


A live webinar demonstrating classroom management, interaction patterns, and engagement tools

advanced skills

Video tutorials on how to have any kind of lesson ready for students with timesaving tips and shortcuts


Video tutorials on how lesson shapes, error correction, and other methodology translate to the online environment


Join our chat group and monthly online conferences to keep on learning!

About me

I am a Delta certified Canadian teacher trainer whose passion is learning how to learn.

I have nearly 10 years of experience teaching, and 5 years online, with 100’s of students and 1000’s of hours online.

My experience as a Cambridge CELTA main course tutor and ICELT tutor has shown me how to help teachers overcome the most challenging aspects of the classroom.

Testimonials from previous clients

You know, I'm through this session, I feel like I'm alive! I mean, that was really good. I wish I could have been present at the first session as well, but this session was really brilliant. Thank you!
Course Participant



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