Student-centered Methodology

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Student-centered classroom

Students just don’t pay attention anymore…

No matter how many times we tell them, they still can’t learn the language. They keep forgetting the structure!

The problem is, maybe we shouldn’t be telling them.

Students don’t learn by sitting there and listening to teachers anymore. The digital age has changed the way we consume, understand, and process information.

Maybe we should be  involving them. 

Education models are changing. Values of learners are changing. Everyone wants to be engaged, to be a part of the process, and above all, they want to  experiment with it. 

But above all, the student-centered classroom gives every student an  equal opportunity  to process information. Don’t believe it? See the research at Stanford. It’s also an important step in making sure that “learners benefit from the lessons” in the assessment requirements for CELTA.

Give your students equal opportunities and enable them to become more active in the learning process!

What’s in the course?

  • Demo lessons of teacher-centered and student-centered lessons
  • A breakdown of each lesson, with explanation of the methods
  • Techniques for adapting textbook material to be more learner-centered
  • Recognizing the teacher’s role and when to clarify the language
  • Understanding meaning and form exercises
  • An assignment where you create your own guided discovery exercise

Who’s it for?

  • Teachers who want to involve their students more in the classroom
  • Teachers who are getting ready for CELTA
  • Teachers who are interested in trying new methods

Course Features

  • Lectures 17
  • Quizzes 0
  • Students 10
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes
  • Two types of lessons 0/5

    Two different types of lessons demo lessons and a breakdown of each stage

  • Becoming more student-centered 0/7

    How we can adapt textbook materials to become more student-centred

    • Lecture2.1
      Adaptation of the textbook 30 min
    • Lecture2.2
      Analyzing student-centred tasks 30 min
    • Lecture2.3
      Breakdown of each task 15 min
    • Lecture2.4
      Why student-centered? 10 min
    • Lecture2.5
      AGES Model 15 min
    • Lecture2.6
      Putting it all together 15 min
    • Lecture2.7
      Assignment: Design your own task 01 hour
  • Bonuses: Additional resources 0/5

    • Lecture3.1
      Kahoot! 15 min
    • Lecture3.2
      Further reading, videos, and resources 01 hour
    • Lecture3.3
      Bonus Webinar: Defining Learner Needs 01 hour
    • Lecture3.4
      Join our Telegram chat!
    • Lecture3.5
      Course Feedback


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