Coaching Program: Continuing Professional Development

Are you a teacher who is always learning? Do you feel like you would like some coaching and guidance in that learning process?

Teachers are lifelong learners, but teachers need help too. This 1-1 coaching program is tailored to meet your needs as a learner, so that you know exactly how to help your students to do their best.

Highlights include ongoing professional development, developing meta-cognitive skills, improving reflective practice, learning how to learn, training learner skills and strategies, and fostering learner confidence and autonomy.

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Training Sessions

Some materials and presentations from teacher training sessions that I have delivered.

Feel free to look through this content and use anything you find helpful in your classrooms. I will continue to update this page with new content.

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Training Learners to Learn

Part 1: Motivation & Goal Setting

Part 2: The Speaker’s Mindset

Part 3: Strategies for Success