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The most important skill when learning a new language: Speaking! Learn strategies and techniques to speak fluently and with confidence.

Being a good speaker is about more than just practicing. It’s about believing.

We’ve already talked about the common difficulties people have of being tongue-tied and unable to speak even though they know what they want to say.

This happens most often because of reasons other than language knowledge. Many people know exactly how to learn the language, and spend most of their free time doing exactly that, but still hesitate when it is time to speak.

So, what else can we do about it then?

Well, try this. Start by asking yourself:

“What kind of speaker am I?”

Think carefully about this. Don’t think about just your English abilities (or whatever other language you are learning), but your native language as well. Which adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

“I am a ____________ speaker.”

Some people are confident, some are shy, some are fast, some are slow, etc. All of these will affect how you see yourself as a speaker, and therefore, how you speak.


My role as a speaker

Thinking about what kind of speaker you are helps you to understand your beliefs about speaking.

Your beliefs about your ability directly affect your performance.

If this is hard for you to agree with, let Tony Robbins explain it to you:

If this is something interesting to you, Bruce Lipton has done lots of research on it.

So how do I understand my beliefs?

Simple. Just ask yourself questions. Similar to the one earlier. This time, focus only on your English abilities.

  • What kind of speaker am I?
  • How well can I speak?
  • Why am I speaking?
  • How much do I enjoy speaking?
  • How often do I take advantage of opportunities to speak?

As you ask yourself these questions, write down all the ideas that come up. Make a list. Make sure you write down everything, positive and negative. Then, ask yourself why.

It’s best if you actually spend the time to think about this before continuing.

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